Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A beautiful Indian woman: Traditional art

A soft natured, charming Indian women in her traditional dress (saree) celebrating Karva Chauth. A timid smile on her face and a mild blush on her cheeks clearly shows that she is a newly married lady.
The cultured costume and ritual ornaments adds more to her beauty and also to the beauty of this art.

The Weight lifter: Comic

A typical Indian body builder showing his well built strong physique. Wow, his arms are so bulky so as to cut the holy rope (thaiyathu) tied around it.

The modern Youth: Caricature

Most of today’s youngsters do play games, enjoy chats, listen music, dance, make merry, reach goals, maintain their cool looks, stylish attitudes, fit muscles and also earn wealth.
This caricature typically depicts the nature of the modern youth.

Surrender in love

Hey ! Look at the gigantic animal over there. Its tough skins, thick thorns on its back, burning big eyes, hard claws and the wild anger on its face adds more to the ferocious nature of the beast. Even its tail reminds us of a unusual powerful weapon.
Also look at the pretty girl standing besides the beast. I think she has a very brave heart to stand in front of this big creature. She has the greatest weapon on earth, that is “LOVE”. Her confident smile tells that she can definitely control any extreme wild behavior on earth.
So, the animal is not an exception.

Tafe Tractors

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