Sunday, August 25, 2013

Cartoon robber in dark

I tried an imaginary robber character he is the lead of the team. He is planning and ordering for a robbery with his team. His attitude was like he was doing a big job.
I tried to show the robber in the way how we used to see in movies, in this i have shown him in dark with minimum lighting.

Thursday, August 22, 2013


This is my personal work. Archer is a one of the traditional Indian Epic character. He had a bulky physic. I loved to do black and white drawings. I have illustrated him as animation friendly character. As in this character design we usually imagine the tradition epic character used to have lengthy hair, stylish mustache and dhoti wear.

INDIAN traffic police

I done this character design to criticize our Indian traffic police. They majorly gets bribe from travelers on any vehicles. And leave them even if they are not obeying the rules, so making them get escape from punishment. on other hand they ask fine from a rules obeyer’s too.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


This painting is for MRF celebrating Dennis Lillee’s 25th year in madras pace foundation of MRF. Dennis Lillee has contributed major of Indian bowling in those years. He brought world class bowling for Indian team. In this illustration Dennis Lillee is in middle and his students who are the great bowler of India are around him. This is a manual water color painting which is now hanged in MRF.

This work is for Lintas Advertising agency.


This illustration is for pet selling company. I have done a series of illustration for the story of pets in human life. In that one character was suffering from depression who has no pet faces a heart attack finally. After that he bought a pet and get relief from the depression by playing with his pet and led a peaceful life.

This work is for RK Swamy BBDO agency.


This illustration is a layout design for color plus photo shoot. This illustration depicts a scenario of late dinner arranged in office while working in night. The dinner was arranged in moonlight in outdoor. I have done a series of illustration for color plus photo shoot this is one of it.

This work is for Lintas Advertising agency.


This illustration is a layout design for color plus photo shoot. This illustration depicts a scenario of team meeting in a garden. The manager discuss with his team in a friendly manner. I have done a series of illustration for color plus photo shoot this is one of it.

This work is for Lintas Advertising agency.


I have done this caricature of Actor Kamal Hassan who was called as Ulaga Nayakan for a news blog. It was published on his birthday on a blog at 2011. He started his carrier from his childhood also he crossed 50 plus years in Cinema carrier. He has huge fans circle, who expects he will achieve a academy award in his life time. So I depicts himself as a Oscar statue.

Learnado Di Caprio Caricature

I have done this caricature of Learnado Di Caprio who as acted in the famous movie Titanic and many other movies. It was published on his birthday on a blog at 2011. I tried to give a funny comment over the important twist on the movie as “ I know kate will throw it in ocean, so I replaced the duplicate in the box”.  I love his acting.


I have done this illustration for a blog. which was published for Kabaddi world cup 2011. This is our traditional game. India was all time champion in this sport. I tried to depict a thin guy is facing boldly the opponent team’s muscular guy. This was also played one of the sport in Olympic. which spread over the world from India.


This is my personal work. Once I got an opportunity to study the horse lively for few days.Those horses are used for beach patrol and that horse stables was located in police quarters. On that time I love to create a character design using horse. so i got this idea of reverse centaur. Also I gave him a jockey costume to this character.


This is my personal work. This is just a comparison between old traditional Indian girl and Modern girl. I tried to show that costume difference of both girls. So I kept both character on same pose but tried to show the difference in costume only.


This is my personal work. I love to do fantasy characters. I depict this as a lion transformed as man and climbing the mountain and was anger.

Lord murugan

This is for road safety awareness by Bangalore traffic police. This is to show we can save our precious life by wearing helmet. In this illustration Lord Murugan wearing a helmet while traveling in his vehicle peacock. I have done a series of work in that this is one of them. The slogan was even god wearing helmet, so humans also take this as important step for road safety.

This work is for Happy advertising agency.

Cartoon character

This is my personal work. School going kids character and my childhood memories too. I was interested to have a fish as a pet. I usually visit my friends home particularly for watching fish for long hours, but my parents didn't allow to have a fish as pet. So I tried to depict my wish as carrying the fish in the hand to that character.


This character design is for a game concept art for mobile games. The right side character is the sketch of my own imagination. Middle and the left characters depicts samurai warrior of Japan. It’s a kids game this samurai character gives the instruction for playing the game and it guides through out the game.

This work is for Ten Miles company.

Shopping Girl

This is my personal work. I tried to depict a modern shopping girl. She holds many bags in hand so she was unable to hold his phone in hand while talking, but she was talking by keeping it in shoulder. Her pet was angry because of waiting for her attention and she was talking for long hours.

Architectural Globe

This illustration is for builder’s poster design. Who builds many buildings all over Chennai. Which was Grundfos building , Navajyothi Vidyalaya school building, Aayush building, Vanspall building ,Midas Building, Marg building and many. In this illustration i tried to depict their buildings are all around the globe.

Caricature Commision

This caricature is for a businessman. He asked me to do his own caricature personally. I have done this on 2011. I have done this illustration in pencil coloring manually. He likes to wear black coat so i have depict him in the same way.


This illustration is for a coffee shop in Bangalore. They painted this on their shop interior wall. It’s a comic strip about an imaginary story of a customer.  How a person tries to prepare a coffee for him at home, but prefer to go to shop and have a coffee because of his own laziness and a good taste of the shop.

This work is for Coffee tales Shop.

ANGELO turn around

This is a model sheet of a character called Angelo and it’s for a 3D animation project. The project was developed in Blender software. In that story Angelo was the main character as she is the Fairy. She used to help the hero of the story. This is the turn around of Angelo character with this the 3D model will be created.

This work is for V for Venture animation studio.

Tafe Tractors

Worked For RK SAMY Advertising agency.