Thursday, May 29, 2014

Illustrations for ITC colors package

This is the illustration for ITC colors package design. In this campaign I have created three illustrations for three different pack. Those are Red crew, Blue crew and Green crew on this I have
shown only Blue and Red packs.

Blue crew was created manually using pastel colors, the Red crew was created manually using Pencil colors.
This work is for TBWA ad agency.

Agency: TBWA Chennai, Art director : Santhosh.
Blue crew - Crayons art work.
Red crew - Color pencil art work.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Steel accessories

This girl was made out of steel accessories instead of bone and skin like a human. This steel girl starts dancing with skating. This girl was created manually using pencil shading.

This is the poster design for the Thahiris steel accessories store in Chennai.
This work is for Feswa Creative ad Agency. 


This illustration is for Workaholics. Who always works where ever he goes. Even went for picnic, pub and etc. which makes him workaholic and depressed. For this issue Billroth hospital gives a solution, for this scenario I have done this illustration.

This work is for Feswa Creative ad Agency.

TVS tyres

This illustration is for TVS tyres showing the great grip of the tyre while traveling on slippery roads too. This illustration depicts in funny manner that the grip of the tyre makes to hold in place and the vehicle flies because of the over speed.
This work is for Redifussion advertising agency.

Cancer patient

This illustration is for Billroth hospital.  Usually Cancer patient pain was compared to crab bite. So to depict that the illustration explains the path of struggle and pain they have to face but there is a hope for them to come to regular life under Billroth hospital treatment.

This work is for Feswa Creative ad Agency.

L board- car insurance

This illustration is for Chola car insurance agency. It depicts the scenario’s of car accidents while learning driving. To overcome the difficulty the Chola car insurance company covers insurance even for LLR drivers. I have tried to depict the accidents in the funny way. But we need to take these things serious to avoid accidents. All these scenarios fits inside the large L.

This work is for Redifussion advertising agency.

Organa stall design

This illustration is for Organa stall design. This Organa drinks stall was participated in a Organic food expo. For that i have done a concept art of stall interior which based on Orange concept. In this I have shown volcano as refrigerator which is a contrast to its original state. Orange peel as arch and orange chairs.

This work is for Pixel boy media pvt. ltd.

The pair of the bird and the sea

This illustration is for Children's book of Delhi publications. This is for a short story about a discussion between the pair of bird, explaining a full moon day ocean tides can pull an elephant too.

Drunk and Drive

I tried to show drunk and drive guy makes an accident in a funny manner. But in real life they make other person’s life in risk also they are not at all bothering about the mistakes that they have done. This is my own work.

Tafe Tractors

Worked For RK SAMY Advertising agency.